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Team RFN 🧬

Professional Athletes Sponsored by Root & Fruit Nutrition

It takes a special kind of athlete to step into the unknown to be at the forefront of nutrition science and trust that it will change their game. With the insights these athletes learn from their unique DNA blueprint, it will change the way they train and the way they fuel to perform better, recover faster, prevent overtraining and injury, all while reducing the risk for certain health conditions long after they have stepped away from their sport. Root & Fruit Nutrition's brand new program The Genomic Edge equips its athletes with the tools and tactics to reach their professional potential while lengthening their career, enhancing their legacy and protecting their quality of life in retirement. Precision approach = Precision results. 🧬

The Genomic Edge Program will help YOU reach your potential in your own sport using your DNA blueprint! Learn more about The Genomic Edge by clicking the button below. We can't wait to bring this program to athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages,sports and competition levels!

Team RFN is a proud sponsor of the following athletes:

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