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Taking the next step in your health journey starts here.

Click the "Book Now!" button below to schedule any of our services through Practice Better. Reach out to Sarah to inquire on any services not listed.

    Meet with Sarah via Zoom to discuss core issues and determine if Root & Fruit Nutrition can meet your needs to help move you towards your health, wellness, or sports performance goals.

We offer at wide variety of services to meet the nutritional and educational needs of individuals and groups:

    This is our signature package. To get the best, most thorough nutrition counseling and recommendations, this is it! A 3x4 Genetics test that is unique to you is foundational to understand your metabolism and to decide which aspects of your nutrition and lifestyle are most important in order to reach your goals and see results.

    This package includes:
    • 4 Sessions + DNA Testing Included
      *Additional testing (microbiome/stool, micronutrient, organic acids, etc.) will be determined on a case-by-case basis and is not included in the package price*

    • 1 - Initial Consultation (1-1.5 hours) - This may include some initial recommendations to implement right away

    • 1 - DNA Consultation - Testing, analysis, interpretation and recommendations (1-1.5 hours) - We will dig into your gene report about 3-4 weeks after our initial consultation, and Sarah will make tangible suggestions using this approach

    • 2 - Follow-up consultations (30-45 minutes) - How are you doing? Better, worse or the same with these initial recommendations 3-4 weeks after our DNA consultation? Everyone is different and responds differently to an intervention. Let's talk about this and make adjustments.

      *The timeframe to complete this package is approximately 4 months and additional follow-up consultations or the RFN VIP Subscription may be added afterwards. For best results, you must complete your 4 sessions within 6 months of booking the initial consultation or you will forfeit your remaining consultations.


If you've wanted a "dietitian on retainer," then this is the option for you! This subscription is available to clients who have had at least an initial consultation. If you prefer shorter, more frequent touch-points with Sarah over longer consultations, the RFN subscription might be a better fit. For $35/month, you will be able to message/text/e-mail Sarah to ask questions, "pick her brain," and stay in touch.

This VIP subscription also offers one (optional) discounted 20-30 minute add-on call (via phone or Zoom) per month for $50! Maybe you have lab-work you'd like to review, you want to go over your nutrition care plan, or you just want a listening ear, this discounted option is available exclusively to RFN VIP subscribers.


Sarah has over a decade's worth of experience in loose leaf tea sales, blending and education. Book her to give a tea tasting and educational presentation at your bridal shower, baby shower, work event, lunch-and-learn, wellness team, client appreciation event, church or mom's group! She will explain the origin and types of tea, detail how to properly steep and enjoy your brew and some of the many health and social benefits of tea. Her engaging presentation will have your guests raving about your event for weeks! This presentation includes 6 teas for tasting, a sheet to take notes, a small tea sample of your favorite tea, and a take-home brewing guide card.
*It is possible to have a 2-part series instead of a 1-time event. Part 1 - Teas; Part 2 - Advanced Herbal Infusions.


Want to commission Root & Fruit Nutrition to prepare a custom webinar or to present at your event? Sarah loves public speaking and educating in groups. Her confident and engaging style of presentation receives rave reviews. After giving a webinar to a group at a biological dental practice on the role of nutrition in dental health, the owner of the practice had this to say:

"You did not disappoint! You could tell you have knowledge and love for this subject matter. Your time was appreciated and I couldn't say 'thank you' enough."

Types of Clients That We See

Whether you are an athlete running up a hill like this and looking to optimize your sports performance, or someone who is trudging up a hill like this with chronic illness, we can help you!

  • Athletes

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Cancer

  • Chronic Fatigue, Inflammation, Pain

  • Infertility or Miscarriage

  • Gastrointestinal Disorders/Microbiome

  • Histamine Intolerance/Mast Cell Activation

  • Hormone Imbalances (including PCOS)

  • Insulin Resistance

  • Mood or Mental Health Challenges

  • Poor Stress Response/Adrenal Issues

  • Thyroid Disease
                                           and more...

Hugging a Pillow

Types of testing that we offer:

Image by Ashraful Islam
  • Genetics

  • Micronutrients

  • Organic Acids (OAT)

  • Hormones & Neurotransmitters (DUTCH Test)

  • Stool Analysis/GI Mapping

  • Chronic Infections (Epstein Barr, Lyme, etc.) & Parasites

  • Heavy Metals

  • Mold & Biofilms

  • Full Thyroid Panel

  • Iron Panel

  • Food Sensitivities

  • ​And so much more...

Pipetting Samples

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