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RFN Affiliate Products & Partners

Enjoy 10% off all supplements in the Root & Fruit Nutrition dispensary with over 300 brands!
Enjoy 15% off all supplements in the Root & Fruit Nutrition dispensary. This site has exclusive access to Cell Logic sulforaphane products in the USA.
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Enjoy 10% off Sensate products to increase vagus nerve function, reduce IBS symptoms & calm anxiety with music and vibration.
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Queen of the Thrones castor oil packs. Support detoxification, digestion, sleep, glutathione production, calm stress and pain.
LMNT is a zero sugar hydration electrolyte packet. Choose plain or a variety of flavors. Get a free sample pack with your first purchase using my link!
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Download the free app to find products in stores or restaurants that meet your food allergy or  therapeutic elimination diet needs. Free 2 months with code "GIAPPROVED" for Fig+
High quality, therapeutic colostrum products to nourish and tighten loose gut junctions to support digestion and immune health.
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Enjoy 15% off your first order. If you struggle with IBS, sprinkle this product on your food before eating to break down FODMAPs. Request a free sample at this link.
Partner with Elena Marr, ND, or Gregory Hyde, MD, PhD, to utilize Sonic Alignment - a holistic therapy approach using sound to identify root causes or clear stuck emotion.
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Emily Niswanger, MS, RD, IFNCP creates seasonal, weekly anti-inflammatory meals plans with recipes and grocery lists with her affordable subscription! See her website for more info and a free sample meal plan.
Nervous system dysregulation has a role in many disease states. Truvaga can help the body heal itself. Save $10 with code NERVE10 through December 31, 2024.
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