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Supplement Dispensary

Everyone should have access to high quality health and wellness products. Fullscript offers over 300 brands of therapeutic grade supplements. If it is an herbal tea, arnica gel, homeopathy products, a vitamin B-complex or children's multivitamin, Fullscript has a wide range of offerings. You are invited to sign up for a free account to browse the catalog. We give all friends and clients 10% off their purchases 100% of the time. The additional income Root & Fruit Nutrition (RFN) makes from Fullscript is set aside for scholarship funds so that individuals will have access to my nutrition services, even if they cannot afford to pay for them. Since RFN does not take insurance, this is how we make sure that wellness is accessible to everyone.

*It is never recommended to purchase supplements from online retailers like Amazon because you cannot guarantee the safe handling, warehouse temperature control, or quality free of tampering, as labels can be removed and replaced. There is no way to guarantee that what is in the bottle is indeed what you purchased. There are a number of excellent online supplement stores, so if not this one, then use one through your healthcare practitioner or find an in-person distributor to purchase your products.*

With that, you are welcome to take advantage of the 10% discount we extend to all friends, family and clients of Root & Fruit Nutrition. Click the button below to create your account.

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