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My Story

Sarah Amidon is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) specializing in chronic health conditions and sports performance utilizing targeted evidence-based testing, counseling and nutrition strategies. Whether you are an athlete looking to get to the next level or you suffer from food sensitivities, autoimmune disease, infertility, anxiety, depression or a combination of other symptoms, Root & Fruit Nutrition can help you achieve optimal wellness.

Sarah’s background in dietetics and athletics combined with her personal experience in nutrigenomics, thyroid disease, food sensitivities, chronic infections, infertility, fatigue, IBS, nutrient deficiencies, gut imbalance issues and autoimmune conditions shed light on the “why” of unresolved health conditions over the “what” that so many healthcare providers focus on today. Her clients are more than a diagnosis. Sarah knows firsthand the disappointment and physical limitations that come along with searching for answers and enduring a poor quality of life, while specialists may not have the right skillset to unravel the biochemistry necessary to offer the one thing that can keep us going in a complicated health journey: 



Sarah lives in Indianapolis, IN, with her husband and two boys. She loves playing beach volleyball, drinking tea, camping and going on adventures.

Read more about Sarah's journey here.

Educator Resume

  • April 2024 - U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Sports Dietitians: "Genomics for Sport: Insights & Case Studies"
  • April 2024 - Florida State University Dietetics: Nutrition Expert Panelist 
  • October 2023 - University of Indianapolis Occupational Therapy Doctoral Program:
    "Nutrigenomics 101: Insights from a Patient & Practitioner"
  • April 2023 - International Chiropractors Association of Indiana Annual Seminar Keynote Speaker"Nutrigenomics 101: Insights from a Patient" & "Nutrigenomics 101: Insights from a Practitioner"
  • November 2022 - Smile Center of Peoria: "Nutrition & Dental Health: A Holistic Approach"
  • Ongoing - "Nourishing Teas & Tisanes: Part 1: Teas" & "Nourishing Teas & Tisanes: Part 2: Advanced Herbal Infusions"


Integrative & Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP), Board-certified credential, '23
Foundations & Advanced Genomic Training Courses -
The Genomic Kitchen, '23, '21
Immunology for Dietitians -
Stacy Seslowsky, RDN, '22
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), Commission on Dietetic Registration, Board-certified credential, '22
G.E.M.M. (Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation) Certified Practitioner - Cell-Logic, '22
M.S. in Dietetics
Eastern Michigan University '22
B.S. in Communication Studies Indiana State University '06
Minor in Psychology


2024 Indiana Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Board of Directors - Digital Communications Co-Chair
2024 Publication - "Use of Betaine HCl with Pepsin in Esophageal Cancer Patient: A Case Report" in Journal of Medicinal Food
2023 Research Poster Presentation at the American Society for Nutrition, Boston, MA
2022 Outstanding Graduate Student at EMU
Master's Thesis - "Use of Betaine HCl with Pepsin in Esophageal Cancer Patient: A Case Report"
2005 All-Conference Academic First Team
Top 10 in Career Hitting Percentage at Indiana State U.
4-Year Student-Athlete at ISU
2006 Study-Abroad Scholarship - Heidelberg, Germany

Mission Statement

Getting to the root cause so you can reach the fruit of optimal health and performance with your unique DNA blueprint.

Root & Fruit Nutrition offers a variety of services and testing options that will help discern the next steps in your healing or athletic journey.

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