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Here you will find a growing variety of publications that Sarah has been a part of. Published research, presentations, podcast episodes, and more.


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Get Fit Without Salads with Sarah Dwyer Podcast

"Episode 17: Discovering Insights with Sarah Amidon, MS, RDN, LDN, IFNCP"

-Sarah is a seasoned Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in nutrigenomics and functional nutrition for chronic illness or sports performance, based in Indianapolis, IN.

-Sarah's extensive expertise in nutrigenomics and functional nutrition, combined with her dedication to aiding individuals in managing chronic illnesses or optimizing sports performance, defines her professional journey. Her commitment to promoting well-being through tailored nutritional guidance is truly commendable.

-Sarah discusses some key nutrients that she often sees deficient in her athletes, as well as some trends she has noticed in athletes with mental health challenges related to the DRD1 and DRD3 genes. Under stress, these genes have a high affinity for dopamine and can manifest in symptoms of HIGH dopamine, such as anxiety.

Body Signals: A Signos Podcast

"How Genes Can Influence Your Weight"

On this episode, Signos Metabolic Coach Alyssa Wilson, RDN, and Host Bill Tancer interview Sarah Amidon, RD, and dive into the topic of nutrigenomics. In the episode, they discuss:

-The basics of DNA, genes, SNPs, and mutations

-How the environment (and specifically nutrition) can cause genes to turn on or express

-How Sarah analyzes clients’ history, symptoms, and genetic reports to provide counseling

-How the addition of genetic information can provide personalized nutrition advice

Please welcome the genius Sarah Amidon on my podcast as we discuss nutrigenomics, genetics and DNA based nutrition, the impact on diet/fitness and our genes, gene reports, genetic detox, and selective SNPs that can impact our health, wellness, and even training!

Published Work

Peer-Reviewed Published Research in the Journal of Medicinal Food:
Use of Betaine HCl with Pepsin in Esophageal Cancer Patient: A Case Report

Sarah's original research was published in a peer-reviewed medical journal in May 2024.

Eastern Michigan University
Master's Thesis Research & Poster Presentation:
Use of Betaine HCl with Pepsin in Esophageal Cancer Patient: A Case Report

Sarah's original research was presented in a poster session at the American Society for Nutrition's annual conference in July in Boston and an abstract published in their journal.

An article published in the Indiana School Nutrition Association's "Food for Thought" magazine, spring 2022 issue.

A 2011 article published in a Decatur, Illinois, newspaper highlights Sarah's background in tea blending, brewing and education. She is available to book for your business lunch-and-learn, team-building event, bridal shower or Mother's Day tea! Teas for tasting or even a "make-and-take" party with samples of loose leaf tea are some options for your special occasion.

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