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5 Reasons to Join a CSA

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

What is a CSA, you ask? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Our family has purchased a half-share from the same CSA since 2016! Full shares would be for more than our family of four, two of them being small children. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider joining a CSA near you:

  1. Skip the store. You hardly ever have to go grocery shopping with such diverse produce. Added bonus, you probably save money on things you may not have needed.

  2. Bring others on the journey with you. Host a tasting party. You have all of this produce, you may as well use it. Wow your friends with your diverse foodie flavors! Bring your kids on the adventure to cook with you, too!

  3. Support local. It doesn't get much fresher or more nutrient dense than a local farm, and you'll feel good about supporting a local farmer, their family and employees. You can help save the planet, buy local.

  4. Nutrient density. There's probably a reason why specific foods are in-season when they are. Have you considered that our bodies need them at certain times of the year? Take advantage! In-season foods are also cheaper. Can or freeze some at peak ripeness to save for later.

  5. Try new foods. What is kohlrabi? You get to be creative and try new fruits, vegetables and recipes that perhaps you may not have otherwise. You just might like it!

Our CSA runs for 25 weeks and works out to be about $18/week. You cannot get this much organic produce for $18 at the grocery store and certainly not this fresh or with all of their nutrients still intact which can degrade as it ages.

Besides the produce pictured, I purchased some of their breads, flowers, and quarts of maple syrup and honey this week. For less than $50 for all of those added items, it sure beats the grocery store! I made mint iced tea and green bean almondine using the green beans and garlic for dinner, then some maple syrup in an avocado/banana chocolate pudding for dessert. Delicious!

Are you part of a CSA or would like to be now? What was one new food you tried from your CSA that you love now? For me, it was radishes! This honey butter roasted radish and carrot recipe completely changed my opinion of radishes.

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